(VOTE NOW) Munch Madness, Round 2: The Grease Slingers



Last week, you narrowed down the top 16 Glassboro eateries to the top 8. This week, the remaining eight will face off in round 2 of Munch Madness.

Steve’s vs. Nick’s:

This second round matchup pits cheese between slices versus cheese on a slice. Who will come out as the big cheese in this round?

Angelo’s vs. Prime:

Angelo’s was already voted as a top ten diner in the state of N.J. Can it flip the votes like it flips flapjacks against the burger joint on the Boulevard?

Samurai vs. PB’s:

Samurai Jack is back this Saturday on Adult Swim, but our Samurai serves food instead of vengeance. Can it beat PB’s in the quarterfinals?

Hibachi vs. Ry’s:

The beguiling bagel place is back in the second round and looking to continue its roll in the face of intense grilling from the folks at the hibachi.

To vote, go to thewhitonline.com. Next week, the final four will sling grease in round 3.


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