Gaze at canine gallery, sip brews at Good Dog Bar


The Good Dog Bar in Philadelphia is the place to quench your thirst with local brews while gazing at a gallery of man’s best friend.

I accidentally stumbled upon Good Dog Bar in Center City after the bar I originally went to was filled to capacity.

Housed in an old row home, nestled within the bustling streets of the city, the Good Dog offers up some well-thought dishes with localized beers.

Only stopping in for a drink? The entire first floor is solely a bar area, so be sure you are 21  before setting foot in the room.

Up a narrow staircase on the second floor is the actual seating area of the restaurant. The small room has a table by the window that juts out over the sidewalk outside. A small bar is set up on the far side of the room next to the kitchen, where the magic takes place.

It wouldn’t be called the Good Dog Bar if there weren’t pictures of dogs covering the wall, right? Everywhere you look, there are black-and-white framed pictures of dogs. You can even submit a form to have your own furry friend’s photo featured.

The third floor houses a few pool tables, TVs, and arcade machines, offering a great social spot if you are visiting just to enjoy a few beers with friends.

During my visit with friends on my 21st birthday, the servers were incredibly nice and down to earth. Being able to go from giving our order to talking to the server about how things are going is always enjoyable.

The beer list was impressive, and as I mentioned, local. The Good Dog Bar helped me try some beers I never heard of before. Some of those beers included “Philadelphia Pale Ale” from the popular Yards Brewing Company, as well as “Kenzinger,” a golden pilsner from Philadelphia Brewing Company. Some other local beers were “Sly Fox” from Pennsylvania and “River Horse” from New Jersey.

The menu at Good Dog is large. We tried a variety of dishes, such as the Thai Curry Meatballs as an appetizer, and the baked macaroni and cheese, which was a lot more complex than it sounds.

We ordered a dish of macaroni, which was baked with gouda, gruyere, and aged cheddar, and topped with cornflakes. The mix of cheeses tasted amazing and the cornflakes were a nice, crunchy touch.

I also sampled the Good Dog burger, which consisted of a sirloin patty stuffed with Roquefort cheese, then topped off with caramelized onions and served on a brioche bun. The hot cheese can burn you if you’re not prepared, but it won’t matter once you’re done with this delicious burger.

The Good Dog Bar has now become a go-to for friends and me whenever we are searching for a place to eat in Philly. The food, the drinks, the people, and the dogs make us want to visit more often, and they will make you feel the same way.

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