(VOTE NOW) Munch Madness Round 1: Glassboro Confidential



Last week, you narrowed down your favorite Glassboro eateries to the top 16. This week, they will face off head-to-head in Round 1 of Munch Madness.

No 1. Steve’s Grilled Cheese vs. No. 16 Scoop Dog

This matchup pits together two top High Street eats. One is anything but cheesy and the other is looking to be top dog with their hot dogs.

No. 2 Angelo’s Diner vs. No. 15 Peking Buffet

Angelo’s has been serving up breakfast food for a long time. But on the horizon appears a lone warrior: Peking Buffet, looking to down the favorite in…short order.

No 3. Nick’s Pizza vs. No. 14 Ms. Chrissy’s Sweet Café

Can’t go wrong with a slice of pizza, right? That’s the philosophy Nick’s Pizza is hoping will carry it into the next round. But if Ms. Chrissy’s has anything to say about it, we’ll see them pull off an upset…but not as upset as my stomach when I have too many sugary desserts.

No. 4 Prime Burger vs. No. 13 Little Sicily Pizza

The burger place on the Boulevard finds itself facing off against the second pizza place on our list. In this culinary clash, you have the purchasing power and the voting power.

No. 5 Samurai Japanese Steakhouse vs. No. 12 Italian Affair

Japanese food is good, but it’s even better at half price (when you dine in), but Italian Affair is hoping this turns out better for them than circumstances often do for peripheral characters in mob movies.

No. 6 Hunan Wok vs. No. 11 Hibachi Grill

We will, we will Wok you…at least that’s how Hunan Wok hopes the competition will go in this round. Hibachi Grill, however, looks to slice and dice the competition while also throwing in some fancy spatula tricks.

No. 7 PB’s Diner and Taproom vs. No. 10 Cheesesteak Factory

One of two diners on our list is PB’s, but they have the added benefit of serving alcohol. Will they using it to throw a celebratory party after moving on to the next round, or will it be there to help them drink away their troubles after losing to the Cheesesteak Factory?

No. 8 Ry’s Bagels vs. No. 9 Ciconte’s Pizza

Finally, we look to our defending champion, who went away with the prize last year. But will Ciconte’s pull off a greater miracle than making pineapple pizza palatable? One week’s time will tell. Check back next week for all of the results and the next matchups.


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