Rowan musician SØF releases debut single, ‘Ghosts’


Rowan is no stranger to performers.

From its intimate open mic nights to the grand stage of Hollybash, music at Rowan is showcased on a vast scale.

One such performer is Sofia Khorosh, known to many as “SØF.” Under her stage name she performs a variety of indie-rock inspired original works, but as of Jan. 30 she made a significant stride in her career, releasing her single “Ghosts” onto Spotify, iTunes and other music platforms.

Khorosh, who has been playing music for most of her life, notes her wide range of influences.

“In terms of sound I really listen to a lot of indie-rock and I love a lot of different genres. Young the Giant, Arctic Monkeys, Saint Motel are just some bands that I listen to and I really want to emulate the sound – but I also know that with my writing personally, I have a lot of more pop-y, catchy hooks that I like to incorporate,” Khorosh said.

“It’s hard to pinpoint a genre when you have just one instrument,” she also noted, given the majority of her work is done with just an acoustic guitar.

Jerry Ramos who has ties wit Mercury Recording Studios worked with Khorosh before. However, although this is his first time working her as a producer for “Ghosts,” Ramos noted how easy it was to work with her in the studio.

“About a year ago now we started on her project. We’re about six songs in now and it’s going well,” Ramos said. “She knows exactly what she wants – if she can’t explain a part, she’ll show me.”

Ramos also pointed out that unlike many other musicians he’s worked with, Khorosh has been pushing a lot harder through social media to make herself known to a much larger audience. Through her Facebook page, she hosts “SØF Music Mondays” which feature her performing previews of new material, or covers of other artists’ materials.

“Music is the easy part, the hard part is what to do with the music after it’s been recorded,” Ramos said.

Working with other musicians has been a staple of Khorosh’s young career thus far. One such musician is senior computer science and music technology major, Tyler Toomey, who shares a personal relationship with her. Over the summer, he played bass for her up at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

“SØF and I usually drink from the same cup when it comes to our music tastes. It’s something that’s been really great for working together and a really great relationship perk,” Toomey said.

“Honestly, hearing the music that she is set to release has made me straight up giddy. I’ve been listening to her unreleased single ‘Shame On Me’ over and over for the past week. It’s such an awesome blend of the genres we both really like and it’s just a really good indicator that she’s on the right track for her sound. It’s just great,” Toomey also noted.

Reflecting on her musical career so far, Khorosh noted how her early life influenced where she’s gotten today.

“When I was a little kid and I would be in car rides with my parents and they’d turn on the radio and I knew every single song and they’d hate going on long drives because I’d be in the back screaming all the lyrics,” Khorosh said, “I think as I got older I had this urge to keep performing and doing more with it than I had done the year before… It’s always been a drive for me to improve.”

Ultimately, Khorosh doesn’t have any plans on slowing down. With plans to release more material over the next few months, she sees no end in sight for her career.

“This is my Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and I have no idea what else I’d be good at,” she said.
SØF’s single “Ghosts” is available now on Spotify, iTunes and her next single “Infinity” will be released by the end of the month. 

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