Yobb: The ugly truth about Christopher Columbus


In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America after landing in Haiti.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Growing up, we were all taught that Columbus discovered America. However, this is not the case at all. Columbus got lost looking for India, and instead discovered the Caribbean. There is a reason why the people living on the islands do not acknowledge him as the hero that we as Americans do. Christopher Columbus was a terrorist and Columbus Day should be abolished from the list of U.S. holidays and forgotten completely.

When Columbus arrived in Haiti in 1492, he began his take over of the virtually defenseless native people who inhabited the island. He knew this would be an effortless undertaking for him and his men. This was due to the vastly superior weapons that they possessed compared with the barbaric ones owned by the natives of Haiti. Columbus didn’t just set out to find new land or figure out if the world was truly round; he and his men had a hunger for gold. After noticing some of the gold jewelry that the natives were wearing, he started questioning them about its whereabouts. Columbus concluded his first voyage “across the ocean blue” and returned to Spain with over two dozen slaves.

Sadly this was just the beginning. On his return, Columbus and his men were accountable for the murdering, raping and enslaving of thousands of Haitian natives.

This is why I have such a problem with celebrating Columbus Day. Everything we learned about this false idol from kindergarten all the way up through high school was a lie. Society has painted a picture of a hero that sailed across the almighty ocean with three ships, whose names we all have memorized. We learned songs and poems about him, and even had whole class periods devoted to him.

There are too many people that have done great things for this country that go unrecognized for us to spend time on, and believe in, artificial stories about a man who has caused so much harm to a native population. It doesn’t stop at celebrating Columbus for just one day. We have statues of this savage erected in public parks and have named streets after him as well.

In the past year, we have addressed problems with the symbolism behind the confederate flag, and statues of confederate generals. These objects stand for hateful and offensive rhetoric and have been dealt with. Not only is Christopher Columbus a symbol of hate, his fictitious accomplishments are still recognized and celebrated.

Christopher Columbus… A man responsible for the genocide of native people. A man who raped, pillaged and plundered through the villages of the vulnerable. A man who enslaved thousands and tore families apart. A man who is celebrated all across America.

Happy Columbus Day?

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