Yobb: Go out and vote, please


Go out and vote, please.

Living in the United States is a huge privilege which a lot of us take for granted. Whether you were born here or moved here, the blessings of living in this great country grace us all. America is undoubtedly the greatest country in the world, but even holding that title does not mean that this country is perfect.

It is not hard to see that Americans all across the country are going through a lot recently — poverty and racial discrimination being two of the biggest issues. Our veterans who are returning home from war, fighting for us to live freely, are not getting the help that they need. A lot of our people are struggling to find jobs.

With election day fast approaching, I urge you to go out and vote. Vote Republican, vote Democratic, vote independent; just vote.

The beautiful thing about America is that it is not controlled by our government, it is controlled by “We the People.” We the people are responsible for electing candidates who believe in this as well. We the people need to make sure we vote for a candidate that will uphold the Constitution. We the people need to make sure that the candidate we put in office is there for the betterment of the citizens of the United States, and not for special interests. Our country was built on the foundation in which its citizens would have a say in its policies and laws and we must vote to keep it that way.

Having the right to vote is something that many of us need to learn to appreciate. Many Americans sit at home on Election Day because they say to themselves that they are only one person and that their vote will not change the outcome of the election. This is a decent reason to stay at home, however there is a larger argument for why you should go: having that right to vote is not something that all people in this world have.

For minorities, this right was not given until nearly 100 years after the forming of our country. As for women, it took even longer than that. People fought for this right to vote, were humiliated for their beliefs, but did not rest until all Americans were viewed as equals — as far as voting and having a say. Since these struggles happened such a long time ago, it is easy to forget about all the men and woman who sacrificed their time and even their lives to ensure that every U.S. citizen had the right to vote. Upon remembrance of this, it should urge us to demonstrate that right.

This is a crucial election this year. There is so much going on in our country and the world and we need leaders who are ready to take on the great task of being able to unite our citizens, and take on the world as well. Don’t listen to the mainstream media or all those Buzzfeed videos on Facebook. Do the research yourself, and pick the candidates in which you agree with the most and more importantly, the ones that will uphold your rights.

Don’t stay at home on Nov. 8, get out and vote. Vote to make a difference. Vote to help the country. Vote because you can.