DeBlasio: The enduring connection of Donald Trump and Tom Brady


Tom Brady is a tool.

We all know that and we have known that. It’s always been the case, we have just let him slide for one reason or another.

This seems to be how Donald Trump was viewed for quite some time as well.

Funny enough then that the two would end up linked to the same conversations in Trump’s favorite place: the locker room.

Post-game and press conference questions pertaining to the nonstop gaffes by the Orange One are making their way to Brady. His response thus far? Run like hell.

Now anyone who is a fan of the Patriots, their quarterback or the NFL in general can tell you that Brady has never been a run-first guy; he picks and chooses his spots carefully to positive results.

In this case, the efficiency is not there.

Brady had the chance to distance himself from the spiraling-out-of-control dumpster fire that is Donald Trump, but instead he’s only put distance between himself and reporters, which isn’t a good look regardless of how he feels.

Sure, there’s nothing that says Tom Terrific has to answer to these people. He isn’t required to share his political leanings or his opinions on the election. But the thing is, he already has. When Brady opened his locker last September to reveal a “Make America Great Again” hat, the QB showed his cards then and there.

Then, the quarterback was on defense.

Their friendship went back a good deal, he’d say to the salivating members of the press looking for a sound bite. How could he not support someone, especially a friend, who, in his words, thinks “it’s pretty amazing what [Trump’s] been able to accomplish”? This is one friend just supporting the other in his goals; goal here being to become Commander in Chief, despite said friend never holding public office at any level.

So like all of us, Brady has likely always known Trump to be the petulant child, who grabs what he pleases. You just wish the conversations during those 2002 brunch-and golf-outings of theirs didn’t flow over into the every day for everyone else.

Or I guess though it’s fortunate that they have, for the sake of our longstanding ignorance to them both.