Rowan to begin comprehensive testing of lead in water next week


Rowan University is set to begin the first round of comprehensive lead testing of the campus water quality on Monday.

As previously reported, water tested in Linden, Oak and Laurel Halls was found to be above the EPA limit for lead (15 parts per billion). Elevated lead levels were also found in the Carriage House and the Bole Annex.

The first round of comprehensive testing will take place in academic and administrative buildings and is expected to go from Oct. 31 to Nov. 15. Residential halls will be tested over winter break, during the first week in January.

Rowan Vice President of Public Relations Joe Cardona said the university is taking more concrete steps to correct the problem.

“We’re working with industry experts,” he said, “as well as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to create a comprehensive testing plan where every building will be tested.”

Cardona said the newest round of testing has several components.

“The comprehensive testing plan involves not only the testing of water, but it also involves the mapping of the entire plumbing system of the University.”

As for students and their parents who are concerned with lead in the water, Cardona emphasized all the resources available on safe practices and on the work being done at Rowan.

“We created a website at the beginning of this whole process that really gives in, great detail, what we’re doing,” he explained. “So not only is there the plan and explanation to what lead is, as well as links to websites such as the EPA or the CDC where there’s all this information about lead.

“In addition to those things we’ve had open forums, we have a hotline that people can call for more information.”

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