PROFlympics: Battleship takes over the rec center pool


The second annual Homecoming Battleship event took place at the Rec Center Thursday. Thirty-six teams participated in this wet, wild and wacky affair; but in the end, team Usain Boat came out victorious.

In battleship, a team of four uses buckets of water to attempt to sink an opposing team’s canoe, while trying to protect their own boat by paddling away. If a team’s boat sinks from water being poured in, that team is eliminated.

Usain Boat’s championship dreams didn’t sink in the group stage or the championship round. After years of coming up short in other homecoming events, they finally tasted victory.

The winning team was comprised of David Miller, senior mathematics major, Tom Marsella, graduate student, Becca Spinks, graduate student in higher education and Emily Kofman, graduate student in higher education. Marsella considered this event his favorite of the year.

Their team was named after Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.

“We’re keeping it in theme with PROFlympics this year, and with the Olympics we’ve just had,” Marsella said.

Balance and positioning were the winning strategy, according to Spinks. Although, according to Kofman, their fans were the key to winning.

Miller says that this was their sixth time going for the championship in the event. However, in the end, they were “really excited” to finally ride the wave to victory.

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