Rowan students attempt to win big at ThinkFast Trivia Night


Returning again to the Chamberlain Student Center Pit came the ThinkFast Game Show, where students competed in a high-speed, competitive environment – all for a $200 cash prize.

With over 60 attendees in the Pit, according to Rowan After Hours (RAH) student coordinator Laura Funk, the stage was set for a fast-paced night of trivia. For every ThinkFast, RAH works closely with TjohnE Productions, who provide most of the necessary tools to put on such an event.

“Sometimes when it is general trivia knowledge theme night, TjohnE takes care of most of it as they have trivia questions ready. However, on nights when we chose to have themed Trivia, the OSA lead team will create and submit questions to be played,” she said, noting the Disney and Superhero ThinkFasts they’ve had in the past.

Students divided themselves into teams, ranging from groups of four students to lone players hoping for their chance at the $200 cash prize.

“My partner and I had a great time! We may not have known all the answers, but we still finished in fourth place,” Dietrich said. “I hope RAH continues to have ThinkFast nights. I went to the Disney-themed night last year, but I feel the random trivia leveled the playing field this year.”

Throughout the event, students had the chance to enter wildcard rounds in various different events. Some of those included a dance-off, singing competition and arguing their way out of a speeding ticket.

“Overall, the event was pretty fun – I get super-competitive about little games like that,” said senior journalism major Rich Partheymuller, who competed in the singing competition. “It was pretty cool because I got to go with my friend, Mishari Drissi, who doesn’t usually go to RAH events. Mish[ari Drissi] is pretty competitive too, so as soon as we saw our names on the board, we got super pumped.”

By the end of the night, students were all geared up and ready for the ThinkFast’s final round, but only one winner remained.

Freshman radio, television and film major Anthony Somma, who qualified for his spot through competing in the wild card rounds, smoked out his competition and claimed the $200 cash prize for his own.

“I just literally bought a new phone, and didn’t really have the money,” Somma said. “I was getting every question wrong, but I was a wild card and got up there and won it all. It’s a very big deal.”

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