Crime on Rowan University Glassboro campus decreases


April has seen the lowest number of crime incidents since fall 2015, according to the Rowan University Department of Public Safety Crime Report.

As of April 20, only 50 incidents have been reported compared to the 74 incidents in March and the 90 incidents in February. January only had 48 reported incidents, most likely due to winter break.

Since October 2015, where 133 incidents were reported, numbers have fluctuated but overtime have declined.

“We are proud, excited and determined in keeping these numbers down,” said Senior Director of Public Safety Reed Layton.

Cases are still broad, such as driving while intoxicated, possession of a controlled substance, theft and assault.

Even though incident reports are down, arrests are still fluctuating.

There were 24 arrests made as of April 20, 15 arrests in March, 29 arrests in February and 19 in January. Over the last six months, October saw the most arrests with 42.

Layton said training is continuously going on in all aspects of law enforcement to stay current with attorney general guidelines and the national accreditation program.

“No new programs are being implemented,” Layton said. “But we offer more of the programs in which we already provide such as Rape Aggression for Defense, Active Shooter Programs and awareness talks as well as other programs.”

Layton added that DPS is always open to suggestions to help keep the community safe.

“We will continue to conduct and educate our campus community with our following traffic programs such as Pedestrian Crossing, Cell Phone Awareness, Seat Belt Awareness and DUI enforcement,” Layton said.

DPS will also continue to promote Rowan Alert, the emergency notification system, so more people on campus are aware of incidents nearby.