Women’s lacrosse will not use break in schedule as “down time”

-Photo courtesy of Sports Information

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

The old, famous poetic line describes where the Rowan women’s lacrosse team currently sits in regard to their schedule.

The season is in full swing and there are still plenty of games to be played, but the team finds itself unable to return to game action until April 7, having last played on March 26.

Rowan currently stands at 5-3. A 10-6 loss in that game Saturday to Washington College (MD) ended a four-game winning streak.

Head coach Lindsay Delaney said that the two teams were very evenly matched, adding that they play the same style at both ends.

“Our defense played well,” Delaney said. “There were moments where they could’ve cleaned it up a little bit, but overall well. Shot selections that we gave them were good and [goalkeeper] Erin Horner came up big again. Averaging 15 shots on goal is great for a lacrosse game.”

Offensively, Rowan had some trouble keeping possession, turning the ball over 23 times.

“I thought they were crashing really well and put a lot of pressure on us,” said freshman attack Maddie Bray. “They were basically holding on to us and pushing us out. They were really aggressive.”

It was the first time since March 5 that the Profs scored less than 10 goals in a game. They had averaged 14 goals per game over their winning streak.

In addition, the Profs were out-shot by Washington, 28-20.

“The offense, in moments, did their job very well,” Delaney said. “They held the ball for three minutes, two minutes. Shot selection wasn’t there. We didn’t have an urgency throughout the game, and we lost simply on turnovers. We had good momentum then turned the ball over for no reason.”

The brown and gold will have to wait until Thursday, April 7, against Cabrini College to try to right the ship. Two days later, they face a challenge in No. 15 ranked St. John Fisher College (7-1). New Jersey Athletic Conference play then begins on April 12.

The Profs could not schedule a game in the gap between the Washington and Cabrini contests. Delaney said that it is actually helpful having the gap because the team is pretty beat up coming out of March.

“I would [rather have a game], but right now, I feel like we need practice. I think the break will help,” Bray said. “We’ll focus on specific players and basic stuff we need to work on like pulling together mentally and as a team.”

Even though there is not a game this week, that does not mean things will be easy for the Profs in practice.

Delaney said the practices are going to have a different atmosphere. She explained that they do not need to devote time to scouting this week since they do not have an opponent until a week from now.

“Practices will be developed more towards what players need to get reps in, compared to what we need to prepare for for our next game,” Delaney said. “We’re going to go two games a week from here on, so we’ll be doing a lot of scouting work then, and it will be less individualized.

“This week it will be more about skills that they need to work on,” she said. “No down time, that’s not in my vocabulary.”

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