New dean for College of Humanities and Social Sciences announced, former dean steps down


Rowan University College of Humanities and Social Sciences will see a new dean in Dr. Nawal Ammar, the university announced late last week.

Ammar will join Rowan University’s staff in August after Dean Cindy Vitto steps down from her position on July 31.

Vitto is very excited for Ammar’s arrival, and says she is stepping down because she misses teaching.

“I always knew that I would return to the classroom at some point, and I feel that this is the right time,” Vitto said. “I have done my best to get the college off to a solid start and now believe that it is a good time for new leadership with new ideas and fresh energy.”

Vitto will return to a full-time staff member position in spring 2017 within the English department, and is looking forward to working under Ammar’s leadership. Vitto has met Ammar on one occasion, and is certain the change will be beneficial for the university.

“[Dr. Ammar] is a prolific researcher and has several years of experience as the Dean of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology,” Vitto said. “I feel confident that she will be able to lead the College forward.”

Presently, Ammar serves as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Ontario Institute of Technology in Toronto, Canada, and has held the position since 2007.

“I was drawn to this position at Rowan University because of a lot of things,” Ammar said. “After a phone interview, I was invited to the campus and had a meeting with the president, provost and other chairs, and I felt so at home. I even talked to students who made me feel so comfortable here, and natural.”

Ammar feels that Rowan is a university that has a lot of potential and has a growing reputation. She is also very intrigued by how the university wants to grow and change, and the community is an advocate for that change.

“All of this really came together and persuaded me to take the job,” Ammar said.

Ammar has various ideas for expansion and growth within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. She doesn’t have one particular plan for the college, but a collective of ideas she’d like to share with her new colleagues.

“When you’re a leader, it’s a constant discussion, dialogue and collective thinking to make changes,” Ammar said. “While it’s important to have a leader, not one individual can do everything. I want to host group decisions.”

Ammar will be moving to Glassboro, New Jersey indefinitely from her home in Toronto. Although she will be leaving her home and her friends, she says she is comfortable with her new journey.

“I am used to living from friends and family and I’ve always maintained those relationships,” Ammar said. “This will be a fine, beneficial change.”

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