Munch Madness Round III: Only the good fry young


The field is silent for now, four remaining combatants survive on the chopping block.

The battle lasted for two long weeks, stopping only to cater to everyone on campus returning from spring break. Some of us slept on our couches, with Dorito’s bags on the floor and Netflix playing in the background, others frolicked in Cancun, drinking more than they should.  All the while, our Glassboro eateries sat here, waiting above empty friers and grills, with no customers. Their only source of entertainment was beating up on their competitors with the surplus of food they no longer needed.

The wounds are deep. The scars won’t fade. Where is the delivery guy? Seriously, it seems like there’s only one guy for every restaurant in town. But you know what they say. . . only the good fry young.

Let’s take a look at some highlights from last week.

‘The Last Samurai’

In our matchup between the number one seed Angelo’s and the number two seed, Samurai Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse, it seems that the breakfast rush was insufficient to beat the fine art of Japanese cuisine, in the form of cheap sushi with cheap, boxed wine. To quote the great philosopher Lao Tzu, if one offers half-priced sushi all the time, is it not just cheap? In the end, Samurai’s relentless service and hounding for orders, then battering you with your check before you’ve gotten your meal, was too much for the classic homage to New Jersey. Driving a steak (well-done) into the heart of the diner, Samurai advances to the semi-finals.

The Cheese is not Enough

In our matchup between five-seed PB’s Diner and 11-seed Steve’s Grilled Cheese, we learned that PB’s actually stands for “Probably Better,” as the over-priced diner took down the crowd, munchie favorite. Steve’s was a little pricier than the former grilled cheese-centric eatery before it, and also provided a little more service, with a little extra fries every time you ordered. But even the expected perks of such a restaurant were not enough to takedown the combination, diner/bar. Is it a diner? Is it a bar? Is their delivery all that good? Nobody seems to know, but still, the unknown fifth seed moves on to the semi-finals.

In next week’s Munch Madness Round IV, Samurai sharpens its katana for the second to last battle, while Ry’s Bagels continue to rise in the standings, on the path to back-to-back titles. In our right bracket, PB’s Diner prepares to take on the little giant, Ciconte’s Pizza. Who will rise to the top? Who will fall apart? Who cares besides The Whit staff and Ry’s?

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