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Sheree Moore
Sheree Moore

I come from a corporate background where I dealt with many executives on a daily basis, so presentation was always key. On an average work day, in addition to making sure that my clothing and hair were appropriate, having my nails neatly done was important as well.

I used to get my nails done on a biweekly basis when I worked full-time, usually getting either a color change and design, or a gel refill on my acrylic French tips. Each trip cost no less than $30.

As a full-time college student, my money situation is different. If you are anything like me, not only does the tight budget complicate getting my nails done, but I also suffer from chronic migraines that the chemical smell in the nail salon tends to agitate.

I’m a broadcast journalism major, which means everything about professional appearance is important. From hairstyle to clothing and makeup—you really have to be on point. It goes without saying that this applies to your nails too.

I wanted to find nails that look natural, last more than a day or two and have a classy everyday look whether I am on set or off.

I went to my local Walmart and found a large selection of press-on manicure sets made by imPRESS. I was initially skeptical about the whole idea of a press-on manicure. I didn’t know if the nails would stay on for a considerable amount of time. But at $5.97 a kit, I took a chance.

Each imPRESS nail kit comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes and lengths to fit most nail shapes.  Also in the kit is a prep pad to clean your nails before application and a manicure stick.

Applying the nails was a simple process thanks to the step-by-step instructions on the outer casing. Instead of spending an hour getting my nails down at a salon plus an extra half-hour waiting for them to dry, the press-on kit shaved the whole process down to just a few minutes.

After wearing them for about a week, I felt the nail adhesive weakening; it was time to peel the nails off and redo them. Surprisingly, that process wasn’t painful, as removing acrylic nails can be. Just a little peeling from the side, and they were off!

Overall, imPress Press-On Manicure exceeded my expectations and offered such a variety of designs that I am already on my second kit. I  was pleasantly surprised at how well the adhesive held up in comparison to a regular set of acrylic nails. Who would have thought an at-home kit like this would provide an elegant look without the hassle?

imPress Nails

Purchase at: Walmart or online at impressmanicure.com

Sizes Available: Short and medium length.

Price range: $5.97

Different colors and designs available


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