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This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” “Us,” was — more than anything — slow. Very little happened in regards to action and character development, but it was successful in setting up next week’s season finale.

Here is what this episode told us and a couple of things it forgot to mention:

1. The lady at Terminus is weird.

Let’s be honest about this, the idea of a perfect sanctuary is unrealistic, especially considering what happened in Woodbury. To leave the front doors unlocked and allow anyone to come into this “safe haven” is just stupid. We’ve seen time and time again that most of the survivors, with the exception of the prison group, are not very good people (think about the group Daryl [Norman Reedus] is hanging with right now). When the part of the prison group that includes Maggie [Lauren Cohan], Glenn [Steven Yeun] and Sasha [Sonequa Martin-Green] arrives at Terminus, a weird, too-happy lady named Mary greets them. She doesn’t know anything about them, nor does she ask them any questions. Instead, she offers them food, shelter and apparent safety. Well, call me pessimistic, but if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The season finale is probably going to prove that point.

2. Eugene is creepy.

OK, so this guy claims to know what caused the apocalypse. That doesn’t change that Eugene [Josh McDermitt] is weird. I still can’t tell if he is a genuine guy or if he’s just a big fat liar. The season finale might not tell us this, but we will likely find out soon.

3. Daryl’s new gang is sketchy.

On one hand, it is easy to understand why Joe [Jeff Kober] and the gang are the way they are. Joe attempts to brainwash Daryl into thinking he’s a savage like them. Based on the transformation we’ve seen from Daryl during his time with Beth, we know this isn’t true. The biggest fear of mine is that eventually Daryl will believe Joe. What will prevent this from happening is that the group is also headed to Terminus, where Daryl can reunite with his old group and realize the lies Joe fed him are, in fact, lies. But this leads me to my final point that we haven’t seen in a couple weeks:

4. Where is Beth?

Since Beth’s disappearance, we have not seen her. My guess is she is somewhere in Terminus and we will probably see her in the season finale, but what state will she be in? Will she be hurt or healthy? We have no idea, but keep an eye out because she could play a much larger role in the season finale than she ever has before.

Regardless of the focus, the season finale looks to be a good one. The groups will likely all reunite and learn the truth about Terminus, good or bad.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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