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This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” “Inmates,” follows different groups of people from the prison working to find each other and survive. However, what happened in the episode, though it was exciting, is not as important as what questions it raised for future episodes.

1. Will Daryl and Beth survive together?

The episode starts off with the rather odd pairing of Daryl [Norman Reedus] and Beth [Emily Kinney], two characters who had very little interaction throughout the series. In fact, the two are different in many ways, the most obvious being that Daryl is a good fighter and Beth is only capable of caring for Judith, not fighting off walkers.

The differences are also obvious in their demeanors as of late. After the prison battle, Beth is still maintaining faith. Daryl, however, is not himself, remaining stoic and almost a zombie himself.

It’s likely, though, that if and when Daryl reunites with Carol [Melissa McBride], who has now returned, his moods will change. As for Beth, it likely won’t take long for her to realize that she is not locked inside the prison anymore. She is no longer protected by the prison walls, which will force her to defend herself.

2. Will Tyreese ever find out the truth about Carol?

When Carol disappeared, the group somehow managed to keep the secret from Tyreese [Chad L. Coleman] about why she left. Now that she’s back, viewers have to be curious about what’s going to happen if and when the truth is revealed.

Though in this episode we see Tyreese and Carol now have a connection in that they are both caring for the children. Perhaps this awkward family dynamic the small group has will force Tyreese to keep Carol around, even if he finds out she is responsible for burning Karen.

3. Will Glenn and Maggie reunite?

This episode spends a good amount of time following Glenn [Steven Yeun] and Maggie [Lauren Cohan] as they search for each other with passion and determination. The idea of the pair not finding each other is saddening, considering they are the only couple left on the show. Keeping this in mind, though, it is very likely that another relationship is going to form, but with whom? The next few episodes will likely begin to answer that question, along with Maggie and Glenn’s fate.

4. What is happening to Lizzie?

In the first half of this season, Carol becomes a mother figure to Lizzie [Brighton Sharbino] and her sister Mika [Kyla Kenedy] after their father is bitten. Lizzie takes a special liking to Carol and after being told repeatedly to toughen up, Lizzie does. But is she going too far?

During this episode, we see Lizzie and Mika back-to-back with Lizzie holding Judith. When Judith starts to cry and walkers appear, Lizzie begins smothering Judith to stop her from making noise. More than one explanation for this is possible. First, one could argue she’s just a kid and didn’t realize that if she covered Judith’s mouth for too long, she’d stop breathing. However, one could also argue that she’s got some compassion issues, thanks to Carol’s guidance.

Her insensitivity to everyone, including the rabbits she killed in the woods, (and whether or not she was feeding the walkers at the prison), could be an indication of things to come. Perhaps we have a mini-Governor on our hands — yet another thing we can blame on Carol.

Survival is clearly Lizzie’s number one priority, which is fine considering she’s living in a zombie apocalypse. But what gave me an indication that this could become a bigger problem was when Lizzie told Mika she wasn’t like Sasha because Sasha isn’t there anymore.

Regardless, this half of the season is shaping up to be one of the best in the series. The characters are developing at a fast rate, forcing viewers to care about them as their fates are slowly decided.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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