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This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” “Alone,” successfully combined action and character development. Though the action trumped the character development in this episode, we gained a little more insight into what the next few weeks will bring. Here is what we learned in this week’s episode:

1. Sasha is scared.

Imagine going from a safe place like Woodbury, then to a safe-ish place like the prison, to being out in the middle of nowhere during an apocalypse. After losing that safety net and being separated from her brother Tyreese, Sasha [Sonequa Martin-Green] is unsure if she ever wants to learn of her brother’s fate. Though we know he’s still alive, she doesn’t, and she’s afraid to find out. However, after running into Maggie [Lauren Cohan] and seeing how sure Maggie is that Glenn [Steven Yeun] is still alive, she decides to join her in the hunt for “Terminus,” the so-called sanctuary where everyone is headed. This is clearly setting the scene for a huge prison reunion that will probably happen on or near the last episode.

2. Bob Stookey has some issues.

This isn’t exactly news  we saw him struggling with his alcoholism multiple times this season. However, this time we learn just how much his addiction has affected him. The episode starts off with a flashback of Glenn and Daryl [Norman Reedus] when they first found Bob Stookey [Lawrence Gilliard Jr.]. It’s here and at other points in this episode that we find out Bob had been in two groups before and his fear stopped him from protecting them. Now that he’s sober and clear-headed, it seems he’s aware of his mistakes and eager to not make them again.

What is hard to comprehend about Bob’s story is that he just leaves Sasha because he doesn’t want to leave Maggie alone. This makes very little sense  leaving one person alone to find the other person who’s alone. Regardless, though, when Sasha and Maggie team up, they find Bob and the three head to Terminus together.

3. Beth is kidnapped.

This situation is possibly the most intriguing one so far. We’ve seen a lot of things from watching this show: cold-blooded murder, potential rape, burned bodies  but never a kidnapping. When Daryl [Norman Reedus] and Beth [Emily Kinney] enter the funeral home, they acknowledge that someone else has been staying there. However, this person is never seen or heard, but randomly, a group of walkers shows up at the front door. Daryl, being the protector, orders Beth to wait outside while he deals with them, but when he makes it to the street, he finds Beth’s purse and sees a car speeding away.

This event raises a lot of questions, the most obvious being, what is going to happen to Beth? But also, why was she taken? Where are she and her captor headed? Will she ever see Daryl again? These questions are likely to be answered as the season comes to a close.

4. The bad guys who invaded the house Rick was staying in are back – with Daryl.

After Daryl stops running after the car with Beth in it, the group of guys from the house Rick was in approach him. It seems as if they would kill him if it weren’t for his crossbow, which the leader, Joe [Jeff Kober], indicates is a sign of a hunting man who knows how to protect himself. The idea of Daryl being in this group is unsettling because we know how much of an impact his brother Merle had on him. Daryl falls easily under bad influences, which could mean that this group will impact him negatively and separate him from the prison group forever. However, given Daryl’s recent behavior and his reactions to Beth’s optimism, it’s likely Daryl will play along for a little while until he finds an opportune time to escape.

With only a few episodes left in the season, hopefully viewers will see a prison group reunion soon. Because the last scene was Glenn finding Maggie’s message to him, odds are at least a few groups will reunite, whether it be at the sanctuary or on the way to it.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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