Study Madness supports science majors during study stress

Besides medical speakers, visits to medical schools and Medical College Admission Test preparation, something else is in the works for Pre-Health Club and its fellow science majors to help focus on their classes.

Study Madness is a review session event for science majors trying to get a leg up on finals on May 2 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Pre-Health club organizes the event in collaboration with American Chemical Society, Bio Club, Pre-Allied Health Club and other clubs for science majors.

“It’s a massive review session for finals in biology, chemistry and physics,” said James Gesualdi, incoming secretary for next year and freshman biology major.

This is the fourth Study Madness for science majors since the event began in the fall of 2013, and it has happened each semester since then, Gesualdi said.

“We reach out to the professors and the professors then come back to us saying these are the subjects they’re teaching and these are the times they are available and we schedule times for review sessions for their classes,” said outgoing vice president and senior biochemistry major Michael Bacani.

Several years ago, the event was strictly called “Bio Palooza,” but then was expanded to include more clubs and subject areas in the science fields.

Originally it started out on a Saturday last year before finals and last semester it was during the first day of finals.

Though coming in on a weekend avoided the trouble of missing a review due to a class conflict and room issues, Bacani also feels moving the event to Friday is the best option.

“Saturday is a hassle for some,” Bacani said. “This year, we made it on a Friday for the commuters and the professors. This semester we made it the week before finals so we could get a maximum amount of attendance.”

Gesualdi also thinks that holding the review session on a Friday is the best option for all involved. Many rooms are empty on Fridays, in addition to there being a free period with no classes in the Science Building from 1:45 – 3 p.m.

“I had a final during it last semester,” Gesualdi said. “This semester worked out better because it’s before all the finals and a lot of people have Fridays off anyway.”

According to the club’s sign-in sheets from last semester, about 170 students participated in the event.

“It had such a great turnout last year, we decided to continue it,” Bacani said. “It includes every single subject area that’s taught in the Science Building. This year we’re trying to expand it, to tutor upper-level classes like quantitative analysis, philosophy of science and biometry, depending on what professors get back to us. We are trying to cater to everybody. There is a lot of need for freshman and sophomore classes. That’s why it’s heavily focused on that, but we are trying to get some upper levels.”

Last semester the club asked Student Government Association about installing a “reading period” between the last day of classes and the first day of finals to be able to review more, though nothing could be changed until 2016, Bacani said.

“We try to make it an ongoing tradition of students working with the professor. Giving us this reading period would make it easier on them and on us,” Bacani said. “A lot of other schools have this break period, and a professor suggested to talk to SGA. It’s in the works. Then we could expand the event so, not just some, but most professors can participate in it. We’d take any break period. Two days would be great, but if they just give us one we’ll take it.”

Besides just the review sessions, the event offers students other prospects to cater to their needs.

The club is trying to do some outside fun like football, soccer and frisbee. There will be food in the atrium and hot dogs and hamburgers grilling outside, maybe some food platters, Gesualdi said.

The club even found a way to raffle off a pre-health-related prize.

“If we get enough people, over 100, we get to raffle off a free teeth cleaning and whitening,” Gesualdi said.

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