Sex Column: The Deal on Contraception

When someone mentions birth control, the first thing that comes to mind is the pill. So that’s what I’m going to discuss today.

The pill can be your best friend or quite a nuisance to those who forget to take it every day at the same time. Many ladies don’t know that you are supposed to take it during the same two-hour block every day.

My suggestion is to take it when you brush your teeth in the morning, right after dinner or with your daily shot of vodka that gets you through your homework. I know women that have an alarm on their phone to remind them; whenever my best friend’s phone starts singing “Single Ladies,” we all know it’s anti-baby pill time.

The pill also has benefits aside from birth control. It clears up acne, relieves menstrual cramps and can always be used as a fun conversation starter! The attitude towards the pill has changed immensely lately, except for those who believe that they can control a woman’s right over her own body by denying her access to it (calm down, girl. Deep breaths).

The pill is contraception. It in no way terminates a pregnancy, and the same goes for the Depo shot, IUD’s and Plan B (emergency contraception). I’m sorry, but those with the mindset of “every sperm is sacred” need a stern shaking, and a course in human sexuality.

This being obviously a very female-oriented column, I do have a question for my male readers out there: if there was a male version of the pill, would you take it? No, it wouldn’t affect your future fertility given that the pill doesn’t have that effect on women. I would very much like to know, given that those who are sexually active in college tend to not want to make a baby out of it.

That is, unless we’ve somehow been transported into that “Pregnancy Pact” Lifetime movie. Yikes.

Laura Elizabeth Donnelly is a senior writing arts student. She is also the president of Lucy/Vox and is very happy that the only “child” in her life is her cat, Fred the Cat.

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