Reasons Why… Going away for spring break is a great idea

Graphic by Kathryn Messinger

Graphic by Kathryn Messinger


We all remember those specials on MTV in 2002 that ran for 10 days and aired some of the most ridiculous footage of people in bathing suits dancing a little bit more than PG-13-rated on large sandy beaches. Carson Daly would report live from Cancun, Miami Beach, the Florida Keys and even our very own Jersey Shore, while blurred out scenes of people doing who knows what showed up in the background. This can only be said about one time of the year: spring break.

For college students, spring break is the moment we are all waiting for once January rolls around. Sure, winter break was fun, but that was an entire month long, and, truthfully, three weeks too long. Spring break is just the right amount of time to get away from the stress of the second semester and take a breather before you have to submerge yourself in books again to prepare for finals week. If you do it right, and can afford it, spring break should be, and will be, the best week of your college career. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Ultimate freedom — No parents. No rules. Just like college but twice the fun. During winter break, you only get to see your friends from school maybe two or three times, if you’re lucky. But on spring break, they come with you, and so do all the endless possibilities.

2. You will have hundreds of absurd pictures that will make you wonder where and when that happened and how you’re still alive — Don’t lie to yourself, you know you want to.

3. New friendships — You talked to a guy for two and a half hours about your weird obsession with iPhone emoticons and how you can essentially have entire conversations without using any words at all and instantly became best friends. You spent the remaining five days of your trip with this person and both of your friend groups are basically inseparable now. Leaving them will be just as difficult as leaving your parents on the first day of college (depending on your personality, this could be fairly simple). Spring Break 2014 for a week, but best friends for life.

4. It’s like college but without any of the work — Do you have a test tomorrow? No. Do you have homework to do? No. Aren’t you going to go to the gym? What’s a gym? Spring break requires you to wake up at two in the afternoon, put on whatever outfit you want without thinking about the consequences, have a bowl of ice cream for breakfast and do absolutely nothing because you have absolutely nothing planned. Forget about the exam you have in two weeks, go down to the pool and relax.

5. No more cold weather — For most people, spring break options include places with warm weather or hot weather. That’s it. Not only do you get to escape the stresses of school over spring break, but you also get to escape this ridiculous cold front that has lasted four months and refuses to break even though the first day of spring is technically in one week. From this factor alone, I would suggest hot weather.

6. Your mom will do all your laundry, for free, while you’re basking in the glorious sun, splashing away in the clear ocean water and sipping on a frozen drink. — Thanks, Mom!

Whether you decide to travel over spring break or not, just remember this, you only have a short amount of time before you have to start preparing for the real world (not the show on MTV), so swim with the dolphins and soak up the sun while you can before you are faced with reality and preparing for an 8 a.m. exam on a Monday.

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