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  1. Pops Ryan
    September 26, 2013 at 6:16 AM #

    Historic 1st game for the Rowan Women’s Ice Hockey team is this Saturday Night…Hollydell Arena, 10pm vs Hollydell Heat

    Homecoming…SAT Oct 12th vs Columbia University

  2. Amelia
    October 6, 2013 at 6:42 PM #

    Will someone please tell the Rowan groundskeepers to turn the dang sprinklers off around 9pm? I know they want to keep the lawn around Bunce looking pretty, but no fewer than three huge sprays of water make it impossible to get to the commuter lot behind the baseball field without getting soaked. Thanks for putting in the much-needed walking path… but it’s impassible.

  3. Cassandra Golden
    December 13, 2013 at 9:28 AM #

    Good morning!

    My name is Cassandra Golden and I am the Retail Dietitian at the ShopRite in Glassboro. I recently read the story “Gluten-Free Guru: A story of diagnosis” in The Whit newspaper. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article! I wanted to reach out to you if you are ever interested in me writing any stories for your newspaper, as the Retail Dietitian of the closest grocery store to Rowan University. ALL of the nutrition services are completely free. I could do a story on anything nutrition related that you may be interested in. Healthy holiday baking with healthier alternatives, or how to manage holiday temptations are usually popular topics for this season.

    Please just let me know! I am here at ShopRite full time. I can be reached by this email, my phone number below, or in person at the store.

    Cassandra Golden
    Retail Dietitian

  4. Rebecca McCall
    February 11, 2014 at 9:10 AM #


    I had a small opinion about Rowan’s current trend of building the administration team. While I am sure that Dr. Ali Houshmand has been doing a fine job as president, and newly appointed executive vice president Dr. Carl (Tobey) Oxholm iii makes another fine added layer of the University’s bureaucracy-as a student, I had to ask myself why my tuition dollars fund 550,000 and 310,000 salaries Prior to witnessing anything beneficial to me as a student.
    Yes, the Marriott is nice to look at and the addition of the medical school will be fantastic, but I do not have steady access to some of my professors/instructors because they are part time employees. They do not have offices and therefore are devoid of office hours. Some have to teach at multiple institutions of higher learning just to make ends meet, which inturn bribes me of deeper attention should I need it. What is the point of boasting of small class sizes only to have the system under cut by tying the hands of the individuals teaching?
    Lest you should be thinking, “this is college, how much extra attention could you possibly need?” I suggest you ask a current professor how under prepaid more and more recent high school graduate/in coming freshman college students are becoming when they enter the current classroom.
    My point is not to blame individuals but more of a critique of the current system. More of the tuition dollars-thank you for the current tuition “freeze”, by the way. I am still trying to figure out where the money to pay another six figure salary came without the steady tuition hikes we have seen. Anyhow, I digressed, so let me repeat myself.- More of the tuition dollars should be spent on hiring, preparing, and supporting the professors in the classroom. Give her or him the tools, training, and salary needed to be the truly inspiring instructors they are called to be.
    As of right now, it appears to me that 310,000 was pulled from the University from somewhere and given to a vice president that “will truly show his support for our students by attending our sporting events thereby being accessible to students. ” Frankly, I would prefer my adjunct instructor o be more accessible to me over a VP, because in the long run of my life, adjunct instructor taught me what I needed to succeed. Mr. President taught me that gaining New buildings from nearby other accredited university gets the president a 175,000 raise.

    • Rebecca McCall
      February 11, 2014 at 9:24 AM #

      I meant ask how under prepared * in coming freshmen are.
      Not underpaid.

  5. Frank Baker
    May 6, 2014 at 4:46 PM #

    As a graduate of Rowan, at the time Glassboro State College, though not now nor ever a teacher I find it offensive that the governor was selected to give the keynote commencement speech and to be given an honorary doctorate.

    It’s not the alleged, still possibly to be proven Bridgegate connection. It’s not the apparent misappropriation of Sandy funds to New Brunswick and Belleville, towns hardly affected by the storm. It’s not the bullying of Democratic officials by threatening consequences to force endorsement of his re-election. It’s not the steering millions of state dollars to his mentor David Samson’s law firm. It’s not using taxpayer dollars to fund a clearly biased ‘investigation’ by a close ally to produce a report clearing him of any wrongdoing. It’s not the criminal lack of progress in the rebuilding of the non-resort areas affected by Sandy.

    It is instead his anti-teacher and anti-education funding policies that make it a farce. This reeks of typical NJ politics. His co-honorees, Stephen Sweeney and Donald Norcross are generally regarded to be bigwigs in the southern part of the political machine that controls much of what happens in Trenton and throughout the state. This is not a Republican/Democrat issue, it has nothing to do with party affiliation. It has to do with power, tax dollars and where such funds are directed. It has everything to with the Rowan/Rutgers/UMDNJ deal. This event and that deal are so entwined as to be inseparable. It envelops Rowan in a slimy, smelly mess. Shame on the president and the board of directors for such a misguided decision. This choice depicts them as nothing but self-serving prostitutes.

    Frank Baker GSC ’80

    P. S. My wife is a graduate. Two sons and a daughter-in law, too. We all feel this is a horrible, regrettable decision. I unfortunately suspect this is too late for 2013-14 print publication. I wish I had thought of this the day of the announcement. Feel free to include it in September’s first edition, altered to reflect past tense. Also, I tried to be as nice as possible.

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