Lauren Bonilla’s senior goodbye

Four years ago, during the first week of my freshman year, I joined a family called The Whit. I knew that I had wanted to copy edit and be involved on campus, so when I learned where I could do that, I took a bold step and never looked back. That step has completely shaped my four years at Rowan and will continue to be a part of me long after I unwillingly graduate and join the real world. I have met mentors, colleagues and friends here whom I will never forget.

Growing up with The Whit and watching it grow and change has been a complete honor, and I am more than proud to say I was a part of such a great paper that would be nothing without the great staff I had the privilege of working with every Wednesday. You all allowed me to be a part of something meaningful, and gave me a sense of belonging — something I will hold on to forever.

Christian and Sam, this paper would be in shambles if it weren’t for your firm grips on professionalism (most of the time), and Wednesdays would have been incomplete without Christian’s wild antics that gave all of us the laughs we needed to get through the sometimes stressful nights.

Kevin, you will keep the paper strong next year, both you and Saavi.

Erica, you are the sassy, sensitive heart of The Whit and we all love you for that, so keep crying and do science!

Jeremy, I’m so happy you found your way into The Whit last year, because I need your laugh and hugs every Wednesday to stay sane.

Austin, you tested the patience of the copy editors, but you kept us laughing, which we needed more than we are willing to admit.

Kate, your sarcasm and passive aggressiveness brought craziness and music into the office — next year’s staff will be missing out on that.

And, Megan, my partner in grammatical anti-crime, you and I kept this paper above the water, but I would be nothing without your help. We make a great team, and I’m so glad we had each other.

Well, as reluctant as I am to say goodbye to my second home, I guess I will have to sooner or later. Thanks for everything, guys. I’ll miss you all way too much when I’m sitting at home on a Wednesday night wondering where my k-cups went. The best of luck to everyone, even though I know this isn’t the end.

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