Kathryn Messinger’s senior goodbye

When I first transfered to Rowan, I was a third-year student who was determined to graduate with a bachelor of fine arts, finish my degree by 2013 and have minimal involvement with things on campus, until a girl on my floor showed me an ad in the Rowan Daily Mail for The Whit and that they were looking for a new Graphics Editor. Within a day of hearing about this opening, I was standing in front of the entire staff, portfolio in hand, stuttering through my speech. When I was awarded the position, I showed that same cavalier attitude about the paper. For that first spring semester, I didn’t take the job too seriously. I didn’t even work from the office, because my laptop didn’t have the programs to work on assignments. I went to Westby to work, and I was completely separated from the actual position.

When I got all of the equipment, I spent my second year growing with the paper. I stayed longer hours, planned my classes to not interfere with work, and the new staff and I grew incredibly close. Most of us are of this graduating class: Sam, my hardworking and sassy managing editor; Jeremy, the arts editor who never stopped making me laugh; Christian, our fearless leader; Lauren and Megan, the sweetest of copy editors who left massive shoes to fill; Austin, the most intense and hilarious Sports Editor I’ve ever met; and Lou, whose photography somehow exceeds his passion for life. I randomly stumbled into this position, and I met my best friends. We grew into this group of impossibly close friends, and it made every day at work amazing.

If you are unaware of what I did for the paper, I was very much behind-the-scenes. I designed headlines, illustrations, advertisements and any other visual element that wasn’t photography. I worked on designing the center spreads, one of which won first place in layout and design in the NJPF 2013 College Newspaper Contest. I worked on the layout of our website, and I updated polls every week. I also delivered the papers on campus for the entire year. I can’t be grateful enough for what this job did for me. It helped me develop my skills, learn more about Rowan and gain confidence in myself. There were times when I had horrible class critiques, but I would head to work and everyone would be supportive. Its what got me through a lot when I had absolutely no faith in myself as a designer. If there was anything I would miss about Rowan, it would be my time spent designing for this publication.

I would spend so much more time writing this, but I’ll be brief. To this year’s graduating staff, you were the best coworkers I’ve ever had. We were an amazing staff, and a great team for an equally great publication. I can’t wait for all of us to walk together, and to all eventually end up working together at Buzzfeed. That’s the ten year plan and we all agreed to this. To the staff who is filling in our positions for next year, I have absolute faith in each and every one of you. You guys are the foundation for our paper, and I know you will carry on our tradition of excellence. Saavi.

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