Former food truck opens up shop in Glassboro

As small businesses continue to stretch from the Whitney Center throughout Glassboro, another quick-serve restaurant has opened in town.

Grilly Cheese, a grilled cheese and sandwich-based restaurant, opened for business on March 4 at 22 High St.

Owner Steven Weitzman said his business once operated through a Philadelphia-based food truck before leasing the 1,500 square-foot location where the Bomb-Bomb BBQ Grill once stood.

“We went to brick and border because we didn’t have the room to work [in the truck] anymore,” Weitzman said.

Ronda Abbruzzese, business development director for the Borough of Glassboro, said Weitzman’s past ventures and appeal make the new venue a good addition to the town.

“He has a really cool concept and it’s pretty interesting,” Abbruzzese said. “I think it’ll go over pretty well, he’ll do well in that spot.”

Grilly Cheese offers 15 different grilled cheese recipes, tomato soup, French fries, sweet potato fries, muffins and a “Create-Your-Own” sandwich option.

“We mostly have a lot of treats,” Weitzman said.

Weitzman said the restaurant saw about 40 to 50 customers on its opening day, and he and Abbruzzese agree that it could become a popular spot for students.

“One of our goals is to help with Rowan’s student population increase and give them options, places to hang out, eat, whatever,” Abbruzzese said. “We will continue to grow throughout that whole corridor off-campus.”

Weitzman added that he’s felt welcomed to the community by neighboring small businesses, saying that he’s “tight with the people over at Think Greek Grill.”

Abbruzzese said that a 7-Eleven is planned to take the last open retail space at the Whitney Center, while other plans, such as a developing movie theater location, are being set for High St.

“We’re going through a whole process with a consultant right now,” Abbruzzese said.

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