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Dressing fashionably can be a struggle as a commuter. However, there are numerous outfits that can keep you looking comfortable and cute.

Zombie Monday mornings- Mondays are usually the worst day for all students, including commuters, since the weekend is over. We’ve put off projects and pulled all-nighters. The combination of stress and lack of sleep can skew your fashion choices in the morning. Don’t worry, I know the exact outfit you ladies are searching for. The hip harem pants are made for Mondays. Harem pants are easy to wear and feel just like pajamas. A solid harem pant can be paired with a patterned tank top or vice versa. Try to make sure your ankles get exposure so the pants don’t seem like they are swallowing your figure. You can find harem pants at Forever 21 for $10-22.

Long days- If you’ve made it through zombie mornings, congratulations. I find my Tuesdays to be tougher since I’m on campus for 12 hours, which is such a pain. I’m sure many of you can relate if you have one day of the week that’s your busy day. Trying to look like you’re in one piece can be difficult. What to wear on those long days? I suggest wearing a simple white tee and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans can be found at places like H&M for $20-40.

Short and sweet days- Shorter days for commuters tend to be a lot easier to find an outfit for. On these days, I find myself dressing up a little more. Since the weather has been looking better, I would suggest wearing a high-waisted pair of shorts. High-waisted shorts come in animal prints, floral, denim and many more patterns. You can find high-waisted denim shorts at places like Hot Topic for $20-35. Also you can find a nice pair of floral high-waisted shorts from Charlotte Russe at $15-20.

My final suggestion for commuters is to plan out what you are wearing on the weekend. If you plan your outfits, it saves you the trouble of rummaging through your closet and wearing the first thing you grab.

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