Face-Off: The Sandlot is the best childrens sports movie ever made

“The Sandlot” is the American childhood experience wrapped up into an hour and a half movie.

“You’re killing me, Smalls,” has become a household quote and it’s in part to Scotty Smalls, the main character of the 1993 classic movie, simply not grasping the concept of s’mores.

Director and writer David Mickey Evans took a simple idea of taking a Babe Ruth autographed baseball, hitting it into the yard of a vicious dog and turning it into a masterpiece is exactly what director and writer David Mickey Evans did.

This movie simply has everything. It includes the history of America’s pastime and combines it with the camaraderie of the nine boys who grow up together after bonding through baseball. Oh, and how could I forget? This movie has James Earl Jones.

The story goes back to a summer in 1962 where Smalls once followed eight boys who played baseball together to their “sandlot.” The other boys asked him to join and be the ninth member on their team, which Smalls agreed to be despite not knowing a thing about baseball.

After embarrassing himself, Benny taught Smalls the game and he was then accepted by the other seven.  It isn’t until Smalls snatches a baseball autographed by Yankee legend Babe Ruth that he truly finds himself in a pickle.

The boys play with the signed ball and it, eventually, ends up over the fence and into the yard of James Earl Jones and his ever-intimidating dog Hercules, better known as “The Beast.”

The movie’s defining scene comes when Babe Ruth visits Benny, who is known for his lightning speed throughout the movie, in a dream. Benny was inspired by the Babe, who voiced the famous line, “Remember kid, there’s heroes and then there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die. Follow your heart, kid, and you’ll never go wrong.”

Benny pulled out a pair of 60s classic PF Flyers, hopped the fence and stole the ball from the Beast, cementing his place permanently in movie history and in the hearts of American children everywhere.


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