Editorial: Rowan needs more places to eat

Earlier this year, the Il Forno oven in the cafeteria broke. It wasn’t enough for us to a develop a report on — because, really, it was just a pizza oven breaking — but it still added to a pattern of strange desperation among students dependent on their on-campus meal plans.

No oven meant less options in the often-crowded cafeteria, which meant more lines for food. More lines for food meant hordes of students and faculty forming around the entrances of the Chamberlain Student Center’s seven other food vendors — mostly between early afternoon classes.

That’s not all due to the fact that an oven broke, but the slightest brief deprivation of pizza did put a punctuation on a recurring issue on our growing campus: we need food in more buildings.

As it is now, small bistro-style vendors are established in Robinson and James Hall, and a smoothie-based vendor with some food options is set on the REC Center’s first floor. They all accept the Rowan Card and offer students a quick fix for coffee, sandwiches, salads and other snacks that suffice general mid-day hunger.

Their setup is simple, and their service is more than efficient. So why are there only three of these vendors — each within a short walking distance of each other — on a campus that spans over 15 academic buildings on opposite sides of a highway?

An even more fair proposal is for the implementation of just one of these venues on the south side of campus for the regulars of Memorial, Bunce, Bozorth and Hawthorne Hall. Most students are confined to one or two buildings for their majors’ classes, and having to not cross a highway for a meal would be ideal.

Such a proposal circulated earlier this year, as a petition titled “Addition of Coffee Cart in Bozorth Hall” on change.org has reached 60 signatures as of this week. The petition, written by junior journalism major Eva Morreale, states “Communication students, not unlike other students, are frequently on the go, in the building working on editing and researching projects and this type of addition would be highly valued in Bozorth.”

Of course, something similar would likely be just as appreciated in the distant Rowan Hall. We’re funding the College of Engineering to lead our future endeavors. We just aren’t feeding them.

We understand that the Student Center’s location and numerous food options are more than enough for the hungry on-campus student, but Rowan needs more food around campus for its growing student body. Heaven forbid we lose another oven.

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