DJ Ravidrums, 3OH!3 and Lupe Fiasco rock Profstock

3OH!3 performs "Two Girlfriends" for concert-goers at sixth-annual Profstock. -Staff photo/Louis Gormley

3OH!3 performs “Two Girlfriends” for concert-goers at sixth-annual Profstock. -Staff photo/Louis Gormley

In the middle of their performance, Matt Caringi of the band Matt Caringi and the Noise made the crowd go wild in the Esby Gymnasium by asking three questions.

“Who’s ready for Lupe [Fiasco]?” said Caringi, 25, of Sicklerville. “Who’s ready for 3OH!3? Who’s ready for DJ Ravidrums?”

Each question was met with a roaring cheer as college students awaited the performances of each act at the Office of Student Activities’s sixth-annual Profstock on March 29.

As the winners of Battle of the Bands on March 1, Matt Caringi and the Noise opened the show with a half hour of its own music. The band is composed of vocalist/guitarist Caringi, drummer Tom Crone, tenor saxophonist Alex Dart, bassist/vocalist Joe Fuscia, trumpeteer/vocalist Vince Lacovara, keyboardist/vocalist Nate MacAdams, auxilary percussionist Kyle Ryan and alto saxophonist Kim Thompson.

This year marked the second time Lacovara opened for Profstock and he said the energy was comparable to when his band, No Such Noise, opened for DJ Kalkutta, Cobra Starship and the All-American Rejects in 2012.

“The energy is still here,” said Lacovara, a junior geographic information systems major. “The crowds still come out really stoked. It was a great experience.”

DJ Ravidrums keeps the whole world dancing

In contrast to previous years, the DJ was a headliner at Profstock as opposed to a transition act between individual artists. DJ Ravidrums is known as the first DJ to combine live remixing with live drum playing.

Members of Student University Programmers and their advisers saw DJ Ravidrums perform at the National Association for Campus Activities conference last October and decided to book him.

“We’re sitting there, watching, and all of a sudden, I look over and I say, ‘He’d be cool for Profstock,’” said Assistant Director of Student Activities Constantine Alexakos. “[He’s] something different and not a big known name but if you add him onto other headliners, he’d be a nice addition to the show.”

DJ Ravidrums’s performance had a mix of club hits in addition to his own music, which included three new songs from his album — “Shine Like the Sun,” “Superhero” and “The Whole World is Dancing.” DJ Ravidrums said the album is set to be released this month and enjoyed that he performing the new songs for Rowan.

“Playing my new songs that I’m about to release in a couple of weeks and having everybody react to them — that was just fantastic for me,” DJ Ravidrums said.

DJ Ravidrums said he enjoyed performing at Rowan and would love to be asked to come back.

“Rowan’s a cool school,” DJ Ravidrums said. “I’m down.”

3OH!3 returns to their roots

As one-half of the electropop duo 3OH!3, Sean Foreman made sure the audience knew his appreciation for them.

“I appreciate you,” Foreman said as he pointed around the crowd. “I appreciate you. I appreciate you. I appreciate every one of you.”

3OH!3 loves to perform at colleges since that is how they got their start when the band members, Foreman and Nathaniel Motte, attended the University of Colorado in Boulder.

“It’s to the spirit of what 3OH!3 is and how we like to perform,” Foreman said. “I think colleges are so energetic. It seems to translate really well when we play colleges. People just come out to have fun and that’s what we’re about.”

The duo performed their hit songs such as “Starstrukk,” “My First Kiss,” “Touchin on My” and the crowd-favorite of the night, “Don’t Trust Me,” during which the audience cheered and clapped along with the music.

The duo even makes jokes about performing in a college atmosphere.

“Kids are working hard and they’re excited to come out and party and let loose for a night and we are too,” Motte said. “We’ve been working hard.”

Tongue-in-cheek, Foreman responded with a faux serious tone.

“Yeah, we’ve been studying really hard for this show,” Foreman said.

Without missing a beat, Motte continued the discussion.

“This is like our exam,” Motte said. “This show is our midterm.”

“The Show Goes On” with Lupe Fiasco

Caringi said he was most excited to see rapper Lupe Fiasco perform as the final act of the night.

“I’ve just been a fan of his work for a long time,” Caringi said. “I’m curious to see him live.”

Lupe Fiasco, who declined to comment, performed several hits such as “Around My Way [Freedom Ain’t Free], “Words I Never Said,” “Out of My Head” and “Battle Scars.” The performances featured videos with subtle political and social issues the rapper discusses in his lyrics. For example, during his performance of “ITAL (Roses),” a song with the lyrics “The TV’s not your father fool, that video’s not your momma,” a child is featured watching and focusing on a television newscast.

However, one of the highlights of the night was during Lupe Fiasco’s final song.

“I think one of the big things of the night that everyone really liked was when Lupe closed out with his song ‘The Show Goes On,’” said Cody Molowski, the director of Live Events for SUP.

As soon as the song started, audience members who temporarily left the venue ended up coming back as soon as they heard the party anthem.

Lupe Fiasco is set to release a new album, “Tetsuo and Youth,” later this year.

Profstock 2015?

This year’s Profstock sold 1,602 tickets out of 2,900 while last year’s show sold 2,767.

Alexakos said the OSA staff will be looking into ways to make the show even better to sell more tickets.

“We have to look at what’s best for the student population,” Alexakos said. “Whatever that means is something that my office will look into and discuss as a staff and see where this goes in the future.”

However, Alexakos said he enjoyed seeing the students who did attend.

“To see [the students] having a great time — that’s what it’s all about for me,” Alexakos said.

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