Crime Times: Summertime Crime: Shows to Binge Watch this Summer

With the seasons of many crime dramas winding down within the next few weeks, you may be distressed to find that most of the summer crime dramas like “Rizzoli and Isles” and “Major Crimes” don’t start up again until June or so. But never fear, here are five crime dramas you might not have heard of, and they’re all available on Netflix. Hopefully, these will be enough to tide the average viewer over until the summer series start.

5) “NUMB3RS”

Seasons: 6  Episodes: 118, around 42 minutes each.

Originally on CBS, this crime drama was one of the most underrated series in the CBS line up. It combines crime solving with mathematical equations. Don’t let that last sentence scare you, though. The series is clever, witty, and really just entertaining (and no, you don’t have to be a math whiz to follow it. Promise.) If you’re looking for a slightly more intelligent series that is both brilliant and fun, you’ve got the right show right here.

4) “Chuck”

Seasons: 5  Episodes: 91, around 40 minutes each.

A cult hit during its five-season run on NBC, “Chuck” is about Chuck Bartowski [Zachary Levi], a man with a super-computer in his head. He gets paired up with Special Agent Sarah Walker [Yvonne Strahovski], and together they fight crime and save the world. Although not your usual crime drama – they don’t solve murders as much as they foil super-secret plans that threaten national security – the show has been beloved by many a crime drama fan and is sure to be a really fun way to spend your summer.

3) “Law and Order,” “Law and Order: SVU,” “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”

Seasons: SVU: 5, L&O: 8, CI: 5  Episodes: 375 total, around 40 minutes each.

Who doesn’t love a good “Law and Order” marathon? In case you couldn’t get enough of the series, Netflix has all three available for your viewing pleasure. Between the three of them, there are 375 episodes available for streaming, which means around 10 straight days of “Law and Order” action.

2) “Dexter”

Seasons: 8  Episodes: 96, around 40 minutes each

This Showtime hit is about a man who has the best of both worlds in Crime Drama Land: he’s both a criminologist as well as a serial killer. Michael C. Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a man who helps solve crimes in Miami while also having a dark secret — he kills serial killers. This eight-season series is one of the most creative and dark shows out there, and it’s sure to keep you guessing the entire way through.

1) “Psych”

Seasons: 6  Episodes: 95, around 42 minutes each.

This USA crime drama takes the genre and puts it on its head. For one, it’s a comedy crime drama — something that hadn’t really been seen before and is only now being embraced by series like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The show is kind of a comedic spoof on “The Mentalist.” Shawn Spencer [James Roday] claims to be a psychic and helps solve murders with the Santa Barbara Police Department. There’s just one problem: he’s not actually psychic, just very attentive. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a fun, fresh take on the crime drama genre. It’s the perfect show to binge-watch after such dramatic season endings.


“Lie to Me”

Three seasons, 48 episodes. The Fox crime drama is really suspenseful and sometimes pretty dark, too. Watch on a rainy day or at night — it can get intense. 


Two seasons, 29 episodes,  but will probably have more later on because it’s still an ongoing show on ABC. The show is a crime drama fan favorite. If you’re looking for something to watch and discuss with friends, “Scandal” is a good choice.

“CSI:NY” and “CSI: Miami”

Nine seasons of NY, 10 seasons of Miami, and 429 episodes between them. Although both CBS series have been cancelled within the past three years, both are really entertaining and fun to rewatch. If you’re looking for drama, go with Horatio Cane’s team in “Miami.” If you’re looking for a more updated version of crime dramas, “New York” is the way to go.

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