Christian Fellowship holds Stand for Freedom for 24 hours

The Rowan Christian Fellowship held the International Justice Mission’s Stand for Freedom to bring attention to issues like modern-day slavery, trafficking and other forms of oppression.

Held on April 9, the event took place on the Chamberlain Student Center Patio where students stood in shifts for 24 hours straight. Though most students chose the shifts, some tried to stick it out for the entire 24 hours, gaining signatures for the petition to “stand” for the freedom of others.

The volunteers collected signatures all day for a petition to help stop these tragedies.

Junior mechanical engineering majors Mike Bucceroni and Brent Boszczuk, along with junior radio, television and film major Pete Yanefski were the few who were dedicated  to staying for the duration.

“We’re the three musketeers who are trying to take on this thing for the entire day,” Yanefski said.

Later the three were joined by Gloucester County College student Tony Jones right before midnight struck.

“I’m doing this just to stand for those who don’t have a voice to make sure that we’re not ignorant to the problems of the world,” Jones said.

No matter how long participants stayed, from a couple hours, to the whole day, every bit of help they did was much appreciated.

Each person had different things to say about why they took a stand.

“By doing this we are bringing much needed attention toward human trafficking,” Boszczuk said while he was manning the information desk.

When students asked the volunteers what they were doing, they gave a brief description about the cause and then sent interested people to their table inside the Student Center.

The table contained the petition for Congress to pass the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act. The act would raise the Office to Monitor and Combat Human Trafficking in Persons  that takes care of this problem to bureau level in the State Department. This would make putting an end to human trafficking a top foreign policy priority in the eyes of the government.

According to the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act petition, TIP leaders should be allowed at the State Department meetings, in order to fight for the “most marginalized people on the planet.”

To the members of the group, the day ended in success because they got the word out about the harms of oppression and got many signatures for their petition. The petition was signed through

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